Goodreads Giveaway : Economics: The Users Guide by Ha Joon Chang

Thanks alot for choose me as a winner of Goodreads Giveaway. The event was held by Pelican Books on May 2014. I really got surprise. A present was coming at about 10 days ago, but I had just review it today. What a kind of busy day I had, So sorry if I went late post the books on my blog. 

Economics: The User’s Guide, bestselling author Ha-Joon Chang explains how the global economy works, and why anyone can understand the dismal science. Unlike many economists who claim there is only one way of ‘doing economics’, he introduces readers to a wide range of economic theories, from classical to Keynesian, revealing how they all have their strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. By ignoring the received wisdom, and exposing the myriad forces that shape our financial fate, Chang provides the tools that every responsible citizen needs to understand – and address – our current economic woes.

Due to time constraints, I hadn’t review this book. But I promise that I will do it later. The books is so important for me because I was coming from economic major in college. Really helpfull to understand more about Economics Theory. Thanks a lot Pelican Press and also Goodreads ‘)

Note : This books is sent by Germany post from UK As you know that I’m big fans of Germany, dreaming to stay there later. So, I really happy got those book. Hope my dreams will coming true 😀 

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