First Post On November

HELLOOOuuu, guys!!!!!!!!
First, I would say sorry I never post blog again cause I’ve been so busy this month. I have a job in one of new newspaper in Palembang as web designer and also writer in there!!! Yippiee…
And I want to tell you about my new books at October-November. I had three new book that I want to share to you alll:
1. Antologi Petualangan (HasfaPublisher, 2011)
2. Antologi Salah (NulisBuku.Com)
3. Antologi NEK KLEWEK (DivaPress, 2011)
All of them will I share tomorrow step by step,,,, 🙂 🙂 🙂
Last, I want to share my happiness that my Package from L’Oreal Bye Bye Worries had come. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Yeah, guys. At about September month, I won some quiz from L’Oreal Paris Hair Indonesia facebook fanpage. The contest named L’Oreal Bye Bye Worries which we can share about our opinion about many things in there and win a Deal Keren vouchers. The amount of voucher is about one million and two hundred fifty thoushand rupiahs (Rp. 1250.000,00).
At about two weeks then, the voucher was come to my email and I can shop in Deal Keren website. I think its voucher cant use in Palembang, but I did wrong! I look for tablet wevsong in there and I interested in it. Then, I bought that Chineese Ipad just for Rp. 838.000,00 from Rp. 1.250.000,00. I had a discount at about four hundred thoushand rupiah’s from Deal  Keren site!!!! I am very happy cause two weeks later-yesterday- that IPAD come to my house. Yippie, I got new tablet-or IPAD, whatever-! Thanks Allah, You are the best!! Hihihi… My dreams become true…***
My New Tablet 🙂
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