Episode, The Best Apps For Making Your Own Cartoon

Interesting become producer? Or wanna to try to makes your own cartoon? Nah, you may need an apps called EPISODE. Episode is a brand new games which made by Pocket Gems. In this apps, you could make some have fun. Just download it through iOS or Google Play Store.

In this apps, you can play cartoon based on what you liked to. You can choose any option and choice. Just like starting your own virtual life. There is alot of stories you can play here. Whatever you do in your stories, you can get any result: BAD or GOOD. Any genre of stories you can find here. Starting from Fantasy, Adventure, and even Romance!
Plus, you can make your own too. You may go through this link. But, you need to connect it to your Google Account. There’s some basic codes you could learn if you want to make your own cartoon. No worries if you’re newbie. In those link, easy to find all you need to do. You can interact with any lovers through community link also.
Molzania has try to makes some cartoon. But, its only one episode -_-. The progress still longer to makes full stories. I’ll try hardest to complete this ones 😀
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