Dear Dad

To My lovely Father in Somewhere place I dont know,
I just want to ask you that Im fine here
My brother still go to school despite struggle
Mom, as usual you know what?
She care us with her strange remaining
At last friday, you told us
that you want to go to find some money
To provide your little family
To care us: Mom, bro, and me
Never crossed on my mind
Then you lie us
My dad going out to Jakarta
Without saying to his family
Without left some money
Or anything else
From SOMEONE I know then
You want to attend Grandpa Birthday
You prefer to attend Grandpa’s birthday
Than bought me some medicines
when I got sick yesterday
How many rupiahs spend for travelling to Jakarta by train?
atleast 150 thousand rupiahs even more
Don’t you love me and bought me a medicines?
When I got sick
I dont want to be BAD daughter, Dad
But, I just want to share to other about my saddie life
Dear Dad, how long before u realise that Mom need u so much?
Mom care us and doing many housework here though she sick
Actually, Mom can ask for help to her family here
But, she didnt.
She prefer doin it alone then she makin busy her family
Dear Dad, did u remember the moment in 2yrs ago when Mom almost dead in hospital?
She’s sick n you prefer party than her
Dad, I just want to tell you one things:
Though you far away and no one from YOU care with me
I still have many friend here
I still have MOM families and MOM!!!
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Dear Dad, You can doing anything you want, I dont care.
But, just saying and give us all we need.
You have a mouth, dont you?
Alkisah, pada suatu kesempatan Rasulullah mengangkat tangan salah seorang sahabat. Tangan itu kasar lagi pecah-pecah. Rasulullah berkata, ”Inilah tangan sang AHLI SURGA”, sambil tersenyum. Anda tahu kenapa? Karena tangan itu dipergunakan untuk membanting tulang mencari NAFKAH untuk anak dan istrinya. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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