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Hi, guys. Long time no see you... Because I have busy right now and I dont have a time to visit my blog. I have to join many writing online contest and I doing all my activity in the real life right now. I am very sorry to you. I am not surprise when I look rank of this page!!!!!!! 20 million!!!!!! Lol

Right now, i want to tell to you about my activity. Guess what??? Yeah, as the title of this page I did my culinary tour with my whole family. My aunty, uncle, my nephew has doing culinary tour with me. We have enjoyed the new stuff in some of the restaurant. The important things we learn from this activity is TOGETHERNESS!!! It's one of missing things from our family... So, Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On, 19th June  2011 @ new outlet of KFC, Demang Lebar Daun Street in Palembang city

 On, 2nd July 2011 @Pondok Surabi, Kalidoni Village in Palembang

 OK, thats all my friend. Next I'll come to my story about my anniversary. I'm waiting my photos was uploading by my cousin :) :) :) 


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  1. duh senengnya bisa makan bareng dengan family di luar,...:) Molza yg mana ya??koq kagak keliatan batang hidungnya??


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