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Hi, guys. Nice to meet you again in Bubblelatte.Co.CC. I would appreciate you all, my lovely blog readers. I have sooo many story that I will give for you today in english ( again ) ... :)

First, I will give my big appreciate for National Team of Indonesia which has biggest progress in AFF Suzuki Cup 2010. As we know that our lovely Indonesia had managed to enter in semifinals. How amazing and proudly being an Indonesian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope we can be the winner in that competition.... Amiennn :DDD

Guys, though I just watch that competion in tv, but I also being pleased. However, I hope Indonesia can maintain even gain his success in all sector. Not just in Football. :)

Second, I want to tell my opinion about outstanding issues. Especially in Cyber World-Aha, I love it :)-. It is all about wikileaks which has been shocking the world. Wikileaks is an international new media non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources and news leaks.The problem happen when this site many preach the secret documents of America. It looking good because now we can know about evil and goodness fact that first and superpower country. It's include America partner and ally, particularly with respect to the Islamic world .

America is the biggest country in the world. It should make a piece of world, instead of the misleading deceptive conduct. I am concerned with that. Israel make a big public lie. Doing miserable and take the rights of Palestine citizens in the shadow of America. How crafty!!!!!!!!!!

And, Indonesia just being watcher. Only witnessed the savagery. It was shameful accident as the biggest population in world. We just exacerbating corruption with Gayus case and soo many. I hope this incident does not last long. :(((((((((( *** 

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