Going To "Lebak Sari Fishing Pool"

Okay guys, Welcome !!!!!!! I am so happy cause I can write my blog again. It like a long time I'm not writing there. And If I'm not write, it means I just in a home with my family. Soooo bored actually ... I have a part time now so I try to write it though the news of mine rather in old time.

At about one weeks ago, My family and I was going to "Lebak Sari Fishing Pool". Located in Makrayu area of Palembang. My lil bro, Ikhwan, and I was fishing there. It was free cause we got those ticket from my father office as advertorial exchange. My father works in Sumsel Post, one of the newspaper in Palembang, as editor now. We both happy and it was sunny day there. We got one little fish but unluckyly he was died. :( And we got one goldfish for handcraft from those fishing pool. Last, we were enjoy there !!!!!!!!! 

 Here is my photos :

our little fish but died on the way home :)
My lil bro little angry cause he only get one little fish all day :p

our food in there :D

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