• Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam

    Ditawari Jadi Influencer Agensi Luar Negeri, Scammerkah?

    Ada sebuah email baru masuk ke inbox Molzania. Isinya terlihat meyakinkan. Intinya mereka menawari Molzania untuk gabung ke agensinya sebagai influencer. Bunyi emailnya kurang lebih seperti ini: We have a Runway Fashion Label from Fashion Week interested in working with you on Instagram. The brand, Chic NYC, has over 220,000 followers on @chicnyc and has won awards for being the 1st organic collection featured at Fashion Week. They have been featured alongside Michael Kors, Tom Ford, Tommy Hilfiger & more. They have a Royal Ambassadorship open and they want you as their ambassador. They will be filling this opportunity now. Reply back with YES if interested so I can send you the details.    …